PC Engine DUO-R Console with RGB and Region Mods

This console uses Composite Video as the sync source. This allows you to use the console with the original A/V cables (not included) to output Composite Video if desired. Please make sure your setup can use Composite Video for sync.

Uses the “Doujindance” RGB pinout.

What's Included

  • (1) PC Engine DUO-R Console with RGB output and Region Switch
  • (1) Euro SCART RGB Cable (not for use with XRGB Framemeister without adapter)
  • (1) NEC Controller
  • (1) NEC A/C Adapter
Modifications and Repairs Performed

  • RGB output added with 8-pin DIN connector
  • Region switch added (USA/JPN)
  • Jailbar Fix


NEC PC Engine consoles have the ability to output RGB natively from the graphics chip, but it was never used. By tapping the RGB signals from the chip and then amplifying them, a perfect RGB image can be produced.

The stock video output port is a 5-pin Din. This does not offer enough pins for the normal signals as well as RGB. Therefore, it has been replaced with an 8-pin DIN port, which fits perfectly and appears stock. The original A/V cable will still work to output Composite Video and Stereo Sound, since the pins align the same in both DIN connectors.

Region Switch
PC Engine and Turbografx games use the same physical HuCard format, but the pins on the cards are arranged differently. This means you can’t simply put a Turbografx game into a PC Engine and play it. The Region Switch allows the console to play USA and Japanese games by flipping the switch up or down.

Jailbar Fix
When an RGB mod is performed on any PC Engine console, it amplifies faint vertical lines (jailbars) that are always present in the video output. By changing certain capacitors, the jailbars are eliminated, producing a perfect image.


Each modified console has been fully disassembled and all parts cleaned with water and disinfectant soap. Cartridge connector contacts are scraped clean and aired out. Please see pictures for examples of this process.