NES Toploader (NES-101) with TRS Composite A/V, LED mods

NES Toploader, model NES-101 that has been modified with TRS Composite A/V output with RCA connections, and an LED power light under the power switch. This mod uses Dual-Mono audio, not true stereo.

Benefits of this console modification:
  • Use a standard RCA connection to hook up to a TV, instead of the stock RF connection which many TVs no longer support.
  • No more flashing screen when trying to play games.
  • Power indicator light to let you know when the system is switched on.
What's Included
  • (1) NES-101 Console (modified for A/V output, dual mono audio, and LED power light)
  • (1) TRRS Video Cable (1/8" headphone jack to RCA connections)
  • (1) Official Nintendo Power Supply
  • (1) Official Nintendo Controller

TRS Composite A/V
When Nintendo redesigned the Toploader NES-101, they removed the Composite Video output capability, only allowing for RF output. This results in a much poorer image quality displayed on the TV than the original NES. This Console has been modified to remove the RF Modulator, replacing it with a "TRS" jack (a 1/8" headphone jack with RCA connections on the other side). The TRS jack fits perfectly into the old RF connection hole, resulting in a very clean cosmetic look. Many collectors and professional players prefer the NES-101 because of the removal of the Lock Out chip, and choose a console with the A/V mod performed.

Lock Out Chip (Flashing Screen Problems)
The original NES had a "Lock Out Chip" installed that would communicate with each game cartridge inserted to check if it was authorized by Nintendo. The redesigned NES-101 removes this Lock Out Chip, meaning there are no more flashing screens, and unlicensed games will also play without issues.

Jail Bars
The stock video output through the RF connector is well known to have issues with vertical white lines on the screen, called "Jail Bars." The A/V Mod gets rid of these bars to a large degree, but they are still faintly visible on some games, and some colors on screen. For the most part they are so faint you will not notice, but it is an issue that should be researched prior to purchasing one of these modified consoles.


Each modified console has been fully disassembled and all parts cleaned with water and disinfectant soap. Cartridge connector contacts are scraped clean and aired out. Please see pictures for examples of this process.