SNES Mini (SNS-101) with S-Video, RGB, and LED Mods

This model of Super Nintendo and these modifications give the best possible image quality of any Super Nintendo console.

Super Nintendo Mini, model SNS-101 that has been modified with restored S-Video and RGB capabilities, and a Blue LED power light.

What's Included
  • (1) SNS-101 Console (modified for S-Video and RGB output, and Blue power LED)
  • (1) S-Video Cable (with only S-Video connector for higher quality image)
  • (1) Official Nintendo Power Supply
  • (1) Official Nintendo Controller

The original style SNES consoles were equipped with S-Video out of the box. However, the majority used an older video encoder chip that displays a blurry image, even in S-Video. The SNES "Mini" uses a different video encoder chip that produces a much crisper, sharper picture. But Nintendo removed the S-Video output capability from these units! For this reason, many collectors and speed runners prefer to have a SNES Mini modified to restore the S-Video functionality, resulting in the best possible picture from stock Nintendo SNES hardware.

In addition, RGB output has been added to this unit, which allows for connection to an RGB monitor (such as the Sony PVM series) through the multi out connector. Component video can also be output through the use of an RGB SCART to Component converter box.

Power Light
Out of the box, the SNES Mini does not have a power light to notify you when it is switched on. This one has been modified with a Blue LED located under the "on" indentation next to the power slider. When the console is turned on, it emits a bright blue light, and when the console is off, it looks just like stock hardware - you would never know the LED was added.


Each modified console has been fully disassembled and all parts cleaned with water and disinfectant soap. Cartridge connector contacts are scraped clean and aired out. Please see pictures for examples of this process.